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MediVision Gold Retail is specially developed for medical retail shops, pharmacies or medical/drug stores. It covers every aspect of medical retail business. It includes all features for online billing, inventory management and accounting up to finalization.

  • Thousands of satisfied users
  • Product is being developed for more than 12 years and is still developed continuously
  • A windows based product developed using self-developed front-end & back-end technology. Does not require any other database license to use, thus saving you from additional cost or fear of using pirated database or a database with limitations.
  • Self-developed back-end offers superb speed & tamper-proof data security. No one can open, view, modify data outside the program – preventing frauds in your shop.
  • Online (Internet based chat/Email/Remote Access) & Telephonic support through our dedicated call centre.
  • Very simple to use. No computer course is required. Workers in your shop can start using it within a few minutes.
  • Numerous short cut keys for quick operations. Helps to handle many customers during rush hours.
  • Includes features to enable to handle multiple customers on one computer.
  • Includes almost everything that is required to effectively manage a retail medical store.
  • Numerous features & check-points are programmed into software to avoid/minimize losses at the time of purchase, sale, expiry claims, multiple mrp stock of same product, near expiry of similar drug, un-settled claims, purchase order and other operations.
  • Many features for management of narcotic products.
  • Includes complete accounting up to finalization. Avoid all time, money & efforts for maintaining separate accounting. Just feed your regular transactions. MediVision Gold Retail will automatically maintain all accounting. Export data compatible with the “Tally” software for finalizations.
  • Many features for managing inventory. Features include expiry handling features, non-moving & slow moving products, generating purchase orders, etc.
  • Numerous methods for generating daily purchase orders – manual order book, minimum level based, sales qty based, etc.
  • Various features & alters for similar drugs.
  • Conversion of purchase order to purchase bill.
  • Drill down or Zoom in facility for almost all reports. Helps in getting very clear understanding of the data shown in reports. Very flexible reporting – search, sort, export any report.
  • Bulk SMS feature provided.
  • Barcode enabled. Can use company barcodes on products
  • Data Exchange (for automatic feeding of purchase bills) facility between Retailers & Wholesalers
  • VAT ready
  • Total independency
    • Download setup anytime
    • Data recovery tool in rare case of corruption due to sudden power failures
    • Simplest method of closing financial year
    • Integrated Backup & Restore tool

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